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To: H.E. Dr. Hage G. Geingob , President of Namibia

Tell Namibia to put a permanent ban on all trophy hunting

Tell Namibia to put a permanent ban on all trophy hunting

Dear President of Namibia, I urge you to permanently ban all trophy hunting, as trophy hunting is not sustainable, and leads to declines in lions, elephants, and rhinos, and giraffes, and it should be permanently banned.

Why is this important?

Elephants, lions, and rhinos, and giraffes are all endangered and trophy hunting makes the station worse for them. The hunters also target the biggest and healthiest animals, leading to a lack of genetic diversity. Also, trophy hunting does not benefit the local communities, as only 3 percent of the funds spent on hunting ever go to the rural people.

Reasons for signing

  • This is a cruel and should be outdated activity. The animal population is in decline. Take photos, not lives.
  • I hate trophy hunty. The animals must be respected
  • Pro-life Pro-Gaia.


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