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To: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Senegal

Stop U.S. Dumping Plastic in Senegal

Africa is not a dumping ground for the rest of the world. We demand that you stop allowing the United States to dump their plastic waste here in Senegal.

Why is this important?

It has only been a year since the United States began exporting their plastic waste to Senegal, and already it has sent over 1 million kilograms of waste.

Ever since China’s ban, the United States has started dumping their waste in several developing nations around the world. But, we cannot allow it to make Africa it’s dumping ground. We already have our own plastic crisis to deal with - which poses a major health risk to ordinary people.

Of the plastic that exists, only 9 percent has ever been recycled, so the United States' waste ending up in Senegal is likely to stay.

Do not be bullied into putting the health of the Senegalese people at risk. Protect our future by refusing to accept their waste. The dignity of our people is at risk. We need strong leadership to protect us.


Dakar, Senegal

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