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To: Kenya Railways Corporation & China Road and Bridge Corporation

KENYA: Protect Nairobi National Park

We urge you to discontinue Phase 2 of Kenya's Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) being constructed within Nairobi National Park and to respect the court order stopping Kenya Railways against using the park as a route.

Why is this important?

Kenya Railways Corporation & China Road and Bridge Corporation have proceeded with Phase 2 of Kenya's Standard Gauge despite a court order preventing this on account of an unlawfully obtained Environmental Impact Assessment.

Any gains related to this development are shortsighted as there is so much more to lose:

For starters, the Park is a world famous tourist attraction sight and major revenue earner for the country. It ranks fifth in respect to visitation and income generation - and has 100,000 visitors per year, earning the country 450,000 USD annually. Naturally, it provides employment for hundreds of Kenyans.

Not only is the Nairobi National Park a Black Rhino Sanctuary (Black Rhinos are highly endangered) it is home to over 100 species of mammals and 400 species of birds. It provides dry season refuge for wildlife, with its greatly diverse habitats.

The Park also services the ecosystem by purifying the Mbagathi River's water, it is a Carbon sink (One of Nairobi’s lungs) and it is a crucial area for education.

Nairobi, Kenya

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