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To: Government of the Gambia

Beachside factories in Gambia

Stop the operation of exploiting, foreign factories, which don't care about sustainability and responsibility - especially on beautiful tourist magnet beaches

Why is this important?

I am addressing you because of the fishmeal processing factories on Gambias coastline. Are you aware of this already? I think the world definitely should act against this exploitation of one of the last natural, not over-fished and paradise-like tourism coastlines.

They are Chinese plants and they are based directly on the beachside to be able to pollute their waste directly and unseen inside the sea. Every now and then tons of dead fish are lying on the beach. This together with the very disgusting scent produced by it scares off tourists - in places called (not by circumstance) paradise beach. In a country where almost 90% lives from tourism.

Moreover activists found out they use blind trollers. Therefore they are likely to catch more fish than they are allowed to. The standards on the ships are not made for humans. They don't employ any locals which already resulted in serious riots taking place. The government is protecting the Chinese companies. Eventhough nature reserves like the Tanji Bird Reserve are next to it.

Everywhere else in the world all this couldn't happen like this. It is probably only possible due to corruption and is making one of the poorest countries even poorer in the long run.

I really want to protect Gambia and its people from this exploitation and make the world know about it.

The Gambia

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2021-08-21 17:53:56 +0200

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