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To: Manzolwandle Investments

Stop the coal mine in Komatipoort!

If you proceed with mining in the area, it will affect agricultural production, the livelihood of workers involved - as well as the wildlife of the Kruger National Park. It is important that you stop all plans to mine here immediately.

Why is this important?

Arising from Manzolwandle Investments’ application to mine coal in an area of approximately 18 000 hectares close to Komatipoort and the Kruger National Park, the agricultural network Saai – representative of family farmers – joined as interested party to oppose this development.

The target area mainly comprises irrigation agriculture in export industries, as well as high-intensity farms that have a large number of workers in service. Acid rain, coal dust, hundreds of trucks destroying roads, an increase in cattle theft, air and water pollution and noise are but single disadvantages and side effects that mining activities would cause for nearby agricultural production.


The Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) is an agricultural interest network for farmers by farmers, which is committed to the protection and promotion of the rights, values, ideals and needs of family farmers in the primary produce sector.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

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