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To: Nigeria's Ministry of Environment


They need to address plastic pollution across the country, more especially by manufacturers of "pure water". These "pure water" sachets are plastic sachets used to package drinking water,which after consumption becomes litter in our streets. I think this issue needs to be address,either by banning these single-use-plastic sachets or by providing enough trash bins for collection and proper disposal of these plastic sachets.

Why is this important?

When you walk along the streets of major cities in Nigeria,you will understand why these "pure water" manufacturers must stop single-use-plastic sachets. The disgusting state of our streets and neighborhoods is a good example to ban these "pure water" sachets. Tonnes of sachet plastics end up in our streets, waterways, parks all over the country which lead to extremely unhealthy and unhygienic environment for conducive healthy living. This has turned most neighborhoods in our major cities like refuge dumps. Furthermore these plastic sachets end up as litter and pollution all over the country which eventually finds its way in the ocean, this too is dangerous for Marine creatures.


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