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To: Sasol Africa and Eni Italian Oil Corporation


Sasol Africa and Eni Italian Oil Corporation intend to explore and drill for oil and gas along the coast of Port Shepstone, Richards Bay and Durban. We demand that they halt plans immediately, in the interest of preserving our beautiful coastline.

Why is this important?

KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for its famous and beautiful beaches. However, healthy oceans are critically important to marine life and to coastal communities whose economies rely on tourism, fishing and recreational activities.

Last year, mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe announced that SA will relax a moratorium on gas and oil exploration licences, implemented earlier in 2018, to allow exploration and production applications already in the system to be granted.

Opening up new offshore areas to drilling, risks permanent damage to our oceans and beaches.

We've already witnessed the harmful effect of oil on the ocean in July - after fuel tank valves from the MV Chrysanthi S were not properly closed, which lead to an overspill in Port Elizabeth, affecting 90 African penguins!

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Port Shepstone, South Africa

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