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To: Ald Dudley Coetzee - Executive Mayor of Overstrand municipality



Dear Ald Dudley Coetzee.

We in the Overstrand live in a Biosphere - one of the most pristine natural areas in South Africa -
We want to ban herbicides and pesticides being sprayed from the Palmiet river to Rooiels river at least!
As there is no agricultural practices in our area but a very unique array of insect species, birds, reptiles and frogs very much deserving of being protected against deadly poisons this should be a priority in the Kogelberg Bioshere area.
These toxins are commonly used as weed killers (Glyphosate often being the active ingredient) and is sprayed on private property and along the pavement of our roads (Clarence drive) and other public areas.
It poisons the entire Eco system and is detrimental to the bird population but also causes disease in humans. It is water soluble and pollutes our lakes and rivers and then the sea, gets evaporated into clouds and rains back down on us.

I will provide information containing articles and science proving the dangers of these poisons to the Eco-system and to human health as well as support for the transition and alternative, more eco-friendly products to try instead. Please contact me.

Conserving our beautiful area and all it's creatures will benefit tourism and our health and can put our area on the map as being Pesticide free!

With Thanks

Why is this important?

Lets stop the poisoning for good!
Conserve our insects, birds, frogs and our health - like our lives depend on it - it does!
Do not spray weed killers!
We need a healthy Earth to thrive.

Overstrand Municipality, South Africa

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Reasons for signing

  • To save the environment, especially the bee populations.
  • Weed killers poison the entire Eco system and is detrimental to the bird and insect populations as well as poisoning lakes and rivers. It has also been proven to causes cancer in humans.


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