To: Government

Niger Delta Oil And Gas Pollution

Stop the illegal refining of crude oil that is polluting the air, land and lakes. And our lungs too. And also stricter standards by the government for oil and gas giants.

Why is this important?

I am a Niger Deltan and a Citizen of the United States currently living in the US. When I left Nigeria in 2018, The situation was very bad.

We woke up with black soothe in our beds, our bodies, cars and furniture.

After showers, the bathtub got black and sticky. Even my cat would leave my palm black when I pet him.

My Mom would cough and cough and spit out all colours of mucus. The sky is grey just like what goes on in China.

The NIGER DELTA is no doubt one of the most polluted places on earth.

I called my Mom this morning (08/04/2021), And she says it has only gotten worse, 100 times worse and Is considering leaving the country now. But what of my aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and neighbours who can not leave?

People from various parts of the country now migrate to the Niger Delta to partake in the illegal processing of raw crude stolen from pipelines(Bunkry) and is considering leaving the country.

I have first-hand witnessed this destruction as I worked in the oil and gas industry before leaving the country. The standards of even the authorized oil drilling companies are poor and sub humane. Very environmentally unfriendly to say the least.

I am sure you know this already given your position. I know well enough that I am a grain of sand on the beach but it aches my heart to see our beach like this and I can’t sit still.

It just takes a little, love and humanity to care.

Park Hills, KY 41011, USA

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