To: MPs Regulating Trophy Hunting

Make Trophy Hunting on Wild Animals in Tanzania Illegal

Dear MPs,

Please stop the cruel sports of trophy hunting by making it illegal. Please also consider increasing the fines and/or introduce imprisonment for trophy hunting. Especially imprisonment seems to be needed as these cruel hunters are usually rich people for whom financial fines mean nothing.

Why is this important?

Trophy hunting is unethical, cruel, harmful and unsustainable. Killing rare animals such as lions, elephants and other wild animals for trophies is not responsible hunting. Elephants and lions are already endangered, so it's dangerous for our ecological balance which means killing them is dangerous for the whole plant earth as it weakens the ecological balance. Without regulations forbidding and punishing trophy hunting, cruel unethical hunters will keep torturing these animals and destroying the plant earth and they are seriously proud of it as they think being rich makes them stand above the law. Examples are hunting safari companies which are owned by people who kill baby elephants and then are proud of having murdered an innocent elephant.


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