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To: The Mayor of Cape Town and other city officials

Defend Cape Town Water - Protect our Floodplain

This campaign has ended.

Defend Cape Town Water - Protect our Floodplain

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Please email the city at and with the following:
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Include your reasons why this should not be rezoned. You can copy and paste our example below:

To the Municipal Planning Tribunal

I object to the rezoning of the Two Rivers Land for the following reasons

- They are floodplains in a water distressed city. Building over them would add to our water scarcity issues.
- Green areas like this help reduce the temperatures in our city. The more concrete we lay over green areas, the hotter our city becomes. With temperatures set to rise at 1.5 degrees Celsius in Cape Town with projected global warming – we must preserve our green areas
- This is a heritage site and commercializing it, is disrespectful to our people
- This area is frequented by wildlife such as migrating birds, endangered amphibians and otters. We must preserve spaces that support these species. We are over the threshold of biodiversity loss in planetary boundaries. One out of 4 birds are endangered, 1 out of 4 mammals are endangered, 1 out of 3 amphibians are endangered, 6 out of 7 turtles are endangered. South Africa and Cape Town’s wealth is in its green areas and wild life. We are one of the few places in the world which still has gems like these. We must protect what we have left.

Why is this important?

We are appealing for the protection of The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) so that developers do not build a massive Canal Walk-type mixed-use residential and business park right on top of the floodplain. Plans for the development show that a one-storey high concrete base will need to be laid on top of the flood plain to support the structures above.
Members of the TRUP group received from City lawyers, 13 individual emails containing information of Appeals lodged by two Western Cape Government departments: Transport and Public Works and Cultural Affairs and Sport against Western Cape Heritage’s protection of this site.

The Two Rivers Urban Park is home to the critically endangered Western Leopard Toad and other endangered birds.
We must protect our green areas and water sources. By putting concrete or paving over them, we lose valuable water in water systems and increase our risks for drought and global warming. This can turn our once green city into a desert.
We lose more rain and we lose beautiful and diverse wildlife that frequent this area. The science can be found here:
With Cape Town set to increase in temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius in projected climate change applications, we need to protect green areas and preserve trees and water systems. The more concrete we lay over green areas, the hotter our city becomes.
We have crossed the planetary boundary of change and loss in biodiversity. 1 out 4 birds are endangered; 1 out of 4 mammals are endangered; 1 out of 3 amphibians are endangered. This is a core boundary in the system meaning it affects other global processes.

Cape Town's wealth is in its biodiversity, its greenery and its wildlife.

For more information:

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures. If we get more support, we will be more public about saving this land.

Cape Town, South Africa

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Reasons for signing

  • Quality of life is far more important than so called material progress. This is a green lung - for everyone's sake don't pollute or destroy it.
  • Hopefully assist in curbing the greed driven fools hell bent on destroying everything
  • Our planet saveit


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