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To: Fishaways CEO



Plastic straws
Plastic bowls
Condiments in plastic sachets
Plastic-bottled drinks

Polystyrene Packaging

Plastic, polystyrene and other unrecyclable container

Why is this important?

We try to recycle and reuse the unnecessary amount of plastic packaging that comes standard with our food but the truth is that Single-use plastics are filling up our oceans and killing marine life around the globe. Plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean. It is harmful for the environment as it does not get break down easily and is often considered as food by marine animals. One hundred thousand sea mammals are killed in the ocean by pollution each year.

There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean: the North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California is the largest oceanic garbage site in the entire world. There, the number of floating plastic pieces outnumbers total marine life six to one in the immediate vicinity.

Plastic debris can absorb toxic chemicals from ocean pollution, therefore poisoning whatever eats it. In fact, plastic pollution is one of the most serious threats to the ocean. Plastic does not degrade; instead, it breaks down into progressively smaller pieces, but never disappears. They then attract more debris. It poses a significant health threat to the various sea creatures, and to the entire marine ecosystem. Overall, plastic is the number one source of pollution in the ocean.

Plastic is not only harmful to the marine life but it has been found in our drinking water as well as salt. Plastic is making its way into the food we eat and when plastic is heated it releases120 different cancer causing chemicals.

We have been blessed with this beautiful earth and it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do our part in preserving and protecting our earth
and each other.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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