• SOUTH AFRICA: Keep Fracking Out of the Drakensberg & Karoo
    The Drakensberg is the source of water on which over 5 million people, in cities like Estcourt, Howick, Pietermaritzburg & Durban, depend on for their water supply. If Fracking is permitted all life in our province stands to be jeopardised. Each fracking well uses between 6 and 25 million litres of water and up to 150 000kgs of sand to create cracks in the rocks and release the gas. Farming in the Drakensberg & Karoo will also be destroyed if the water is polluted, affecting our food supply and raising food prices considerably. We are a water scarce country which has abundant sunlight - surely we should capture this source of energy rather than destroy our water supply? Technical Cooperation Permits have been issued to Rhino Oil and Gas and Sungu Sungu to explore the possibilities of extracting shale gas in Balgowan, Kamberg, Karkloof and surrounding areas.
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    Created by Sherebanu Kajee
  • CAMEROON: Stop Overgrazing in Mbengwi
    This would improve on the food situation as water catchments which are drying up will come back supplying the much needed water for agriculture. Food security would be guaranteed and social conflicts which are on the rise in Mbengwi, North West Cameroon would be checked.
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    Created by Christopher FON ACHOBANG
  • Make Trophy Hunting on Wild Animals in Tanzania Illegal
    Trophy hunting is unethical, cruel, harmful and unsustainable. Killing rare animals such as lions, elephants and other wild animals for trophies is not responsible hunting. Elephants and lions are already endangered, so it's dangerous for our ecological balance which means killing them is dangerous for the whole plant earth as it weakens the ecological balance. Without regulations forbidding and punishing trophy hunting, cruel unethical hunters will keep torturing these animals and destroying the plant earth and they are seriously proud of it as they think being rich makes them stand above the law. Examples are hunting safari companies which are owned by people who kill baby elephants and then are proud of having murdered an innocent elephant.
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    Created by Jasmin Elisa Mueller